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FOODSAFETY4EU multi-stakeholder platform for food safety in europe (foodsafety4eu, 2021-2024)

FOODSAFETY4EU is a Project focused to design, develop and release a multi-stakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS), by structuring a participatory process, which sustains a responsive and adaptive community of FSS actors.
A European Food Safety Forum will be set up to officially consolidate the participatory process and guarantee the long term science-policy-society interface. New digital tools, co-designed strategies and communication models will support Food Safety Authorities (FSAs), EU Agencies, policy makers, scientists and civil society in a coordinate approach, thus contributing to strengthen the EU approach to risk assessment & communication. The multi-actor consortium is pooled by a core group of 23 partners from 12 countries: scientific experts in food safety will work closely with key actors with complementary knowledge in: developing and structuring of participatory processes; stakeholders engagement, communication and networking; e-platforms, smart tools, data management; Food Safety policies implementation; representing the voices from food and feed industry, consumers and the civil society.

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